Clients call them the Amazing Clarks
because they empower you to live an amazing life

The Amazing Clarks self-taught methods have taken them from TV Shows like Dr. Drew to Radio and magazines. Whether it’s a Congressman, to a platinum recording artists, Basketball Hall of Famers, Gold medal Olympic winners, Fortune 500 CEO’s, high profile actors and actresses, everyone is seeking out this dynamic marriage coaching duo.


The Clarks

√ Marriage & Relationship Coaching
√ Premarital Coaching
√ Family & Life Coaching
√ Spiritual Coaching
√ 40 years of combined experience
√ 98% success rate.


Ellen Wood
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Areas of Expertise

√ Laws of Attraction experts
√ Marriage & family therapy experts
√ Spirituality & energy experts
√ Psychology & neural science experts
√ Leadership & team training experts
√ Leadership & team training experts


George Leea
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 Awards & Achievements

√ Dr. Drew’s Life Changers award
√ Psychology & neural science experts
√ Master life coach instructors
√ Ordained ministers (non-denom)
√ Motivational Public Speakers
√ International authors

The Amazing Clarks have a fresh, new REVOLUTIONARY approach to Life and relationship therapy. It is an extremely original, progressive, and scientifically integrated model that many people believe could one day change the world. Their straightforward, non-traditional advice will leave you enlightened and inspired. They are spiritual, but not religious; straight, but not narrow. And they have a success record that shows that they’re real. They focus on real transformation, and not regurgitated fluff. They get down to the emotional, mental, and the energetic causes underlying your lack of success in love and life. They give you tangible advice and whatever real-world assignments they feel will help you have the wins you crave —and they have the success to prove that their methods works. Click here now to read the Amazing Clark’s personal story

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