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 Public speakers for hire for your next
event, group, club or business meeting

Are you hosting an event for your job, organization or club and looking for public speakers for hire? Do you want to make sure that you provide your important attendees with a new, uplifting and exciting experience that they’ll always remember? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then we recommend that you hire The Amazing Clarks. They are a dynamic duo that deliver.


Past Gigs

“YPO” Event Keynote
“USC” Keynote Speakers
“Northridge College” Keynote
“Fresno State” Keynote
“Toast Masters” Keynote
“International Couples” Keynote
“Hollywood Hippies” Keynote”
“SLYO” Keynote Speakers


Ellen Wood
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Presentation Topics

The Amazing Clarks will teach your event audience how to use the power of positive thinking to achieve their desires and achieve success in every area of their life. These areas include romance, life and career, physical health, Spiritual Health, emotional health, and finances and more. To book now click here.

George Leea
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 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Yes when you hire the Clarks to speak at your event you’ll get two award winning speakers for the price of just one. They have 20 years of speaking experience. Whether they are in front of millions of TV viewers or a few dozen people at a local event, the Clarks always knock it out the park. Click here.

Anthony & Melanie Clark are award winning marriage & relationship coaches and a husband and wife duo that have been in love 26 years. They are also successful business owners and they teach fortune 500 company CEO’s how to maximize their employee relationship and increase their company’s bottom line. These public speakers for hire, self-taught methods have taken them from TV Shows like Dr. Drew to Radio and magazines. 

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