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Start By Getting A 15-minute consultation today for just $50

Start with a Free Consultation

If you are a couple or single individual interested in coaching with the Clarks start by getting a 15-minute consultation with them. Your consultation will cost just $25 If after your consultation. After your consultation If you choose to hire the Clarks your $50 deposit will be credited towards your first coaching session. If after your consultation you decide not to hire them you will receive your full deposit within 24 hours. All coaching consultations and coaching sessions with the Clarks are conducted live on Zoom or phone.

12 Month VIP Private Coaching

$45, 000

Your marriage or committed romantic relationship is the most important investment you’ll ever make in life. Everything is depending on it’s success. including your family, happiness and reputation. Failure is not an option. Couples that go through the Amazing Clark’s 12-month VIP program are guaranteed to develop the romantic skill needed to ensure you’ll always remain together, happy and passionately in love for a lifetime. The Clarks will provide you with the mindset and proven strategies to keep your love & relationship thriving regardless of whatever challenges you face in the present or future. You’ll love the peace of mind that you’ll both experience knowing that your most important investment in life is protected. Contact the Clarks for a consultation to get started.


VIP Day With the Clarks

$5,000 (From 9 am to 9 pm)

If you’re ready to experience real transformation and you appreciate personalized attention, than you’ll love this “VIP Day Package.” Instead of booking an hour long coaching session with them, you can hire them to coach you for an entire day. You’ll have the opportunity to hang out with these entertaining celebrity coaches while they coach you and change your life. You’ll enjoy coaching over breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between. You can pick the Clark’s brain and coach on as many areas as you desire. You can take your time and not feel rushed. This package is for couples and individuals. Contact The Clarks for a consultation to get started.

4 Coaching Sessions

$2500 (Four 90-minute private sessions)

This package is also for couples and single individuals. You’ll receive a total of 4 sixty minute private coaching sessions with Anthony and Melanie Clark. Each session is scheduled a week apart. You can coach on any topic you choose including relationships, break up recovery, dating, self improvement, spirituality and more. Sessions are conducted live on Zoom or by phone. If you want to coach with the Clarks in person you must be willing to travel to their Long Beach California location. This bulk sessions package will save you $400. Contact the Clarks for a consultation to get started.

1 Coaching Session

$500 (1 one hour session)

This package is also for couples and single individuals. You’ll receive one 60-minute group coaching session with both Anthony & Melanie. Once again, you can receive coaching on any subject you desire including marriage & relationship coaching, date coaching, premarital coaching, life & self empowerment coaching, Spirituality coaching, family coaching and more. Contact the Clarks for a consultation to get started.

Coach On Zoom, Phone or In Person

Coaching sessions with the Clarks are held live on Zoom. So, you can coach with them no matter where you live around the globe It’s just like being there in person. You can also coach with them by phone.