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About The Amazing Clarks

Anthony and Melanie Clark
√ Certified Love & Life Coaches
√ Amazon #1 Best Selling Authors
√ Passionately in Love 31 Years
√ 23 Years of Experience
√ 90% Client Success Rate
Meet the Clarks

Anthony and Melanie Clark are a happily married couple that have been passionately in love for over 30-years. They are also both international award-winning certified love & life coaches. Anthony and Melanie have been coaching together as a team for 22-years and have an industry shattering 90% client success rate. Their clients call them “The Amazing Clarks” because they’ve empowered thousands of people to live amazing lives. The Clarks are based out of Long Beach California and have life coaching clients all around the globe.

Rockstars in Their Field

The Clark’s groundbreaking therapy has taken them from TV shows like OWN Network’s Black Love, After Love, Dr. Drew to radio & magazines. Whether it is a United States Congressman, platinum recording artist, or Olympic gold medalist, NBA Hall of Famer, Fortune 500 company CEO, everyone is seeking out this dynamic duo coaching couple.

Pioneers in Their Industry

The Clarks have a fresh, new and REVOLUTIONARY approach to therapy that may literally change the world. It is an extremely original, progressive, scientifically and spiritually integrated model. They’re spiritual, but not religious and focus on real transformation, not regurgitated fluff. Anthony & Melanie Clark get down to the emotional, mental, and energetic causes underlying the lack of success. They give tangible advice and real-world assignments that get you the wins you crave, and they have the success record to prove that their coaching methods works.