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Who the Hell am I?

My name is Anthony Clark “The Game Dr.” and I am an awardUS PHOTO 2 winning Life, Love & Business Coach. In my twenties I was a professional gigolo that seduced hundreds of beautiful woman. Today I am a happily married man, madly in love for 27 years and have been showcased on national TV 40 times. Although I’m all about spiritual enlightenment, the new & edgy approach to romance that I created over 30 years ago is still enabling thousands of guys to immediately recover from breakups, and to become a man that women can’t resist.  For a limited time, download my $16 EBook for FREE and change your love life forever.

I am the real life Hitch…
Over my lifetime I have dated scores of beautiful women and I have had almost every amazing sexual & romantic experience you can imagine, but I did not start off that way. When I was 23 I was married to a woman that constantly disrespected me and treated me like crap. I eventually divorced her when I found out that she had cheated on me, and I that I was not the biological father of our twin boys. I was beyond devastated and even contemplated suicide.

I had to save my own life…
But even after I left I still could not get over my pain, shame, anger, and jealousy, and it was driving me insane. I tried therapy, self help books, and seminars – but it was all politically correct B.S that doesn’t work in the real world in my opinion. So I developed my own new, easy and unorthodox methods to immediately heal & recover from my break up and it worked perfectly. And am also convinced that it saved my life as well.

I hated getting dissed by woman…
Once I returned back to the dating scene I was constantly getting dissed & ignored by woman and it sucked. Eventually I got fed up with that as well and went on a mission to become a guy that no woman could resist. Once again, I knew that the traditional dating & relationship methods was politically correct, wimpy ass BS that did not work in the real world. So over the next few years I developed my own radically new ways to approach women & dating that went against almost everything our society teaches us.

Nothing is sweeter then revenge…
All of a sudden getting dates, sex and love from woman was as easy as taking candy from a baby. I became unstoppable with the opposite sex and I even became a professional gigolo. It was a dream come true and I was excited to share these new dating & relationship techniques with every single guy on the planet. So I wrote “How to Get Over That Bitch and Grow Balls They Can’t Resist” and it immediately changed the lives of thousands of guys across the planet and has been an underground best seller.

What to expect from this EBook…
How to Get Over That Bitch and Grow Balls They Can’t Resist, “The Masculine way to leave, love and attract women, is a book that doesn’t pull any punches. It’s crude, hilarious, extremely politically incorrect, and shocking. It gives you easy to follow solutions to help you overcome the challenges that guys face every single day when it comes to woman and romance. It will immediately improve your confidence and make it unbelievably easy to get the love, sex and respect that you want form attractive women.

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√ Immediately recover from a break up and get over pain, anger, jealousy, humiliation and your ex
√ Discover how to have her pleading for your forgiveness and begging you to take her back.
√ Discover how to approach, date, and seduce almost any woman you desire without ever getting rejected
√ Discover how to make women fall in love with you, and how to keep them loyal, faithful and respectful
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