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Anthony & Melanie Clarks are award winning relationship & life coaches with an industry shattering 90% client success rate.



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Who We Are?

We are Anthony & Melanie Clark, certified Life & Relationship Coaches and husband and wife duo I know everything about empowering couples and individuals to live amazing lives. We know exactly what to do in order to get you from where you are to where you want to be in life and love. I communicate with clients throughout session to find what works best for them. We are high-quality coaches that specialize in many types of therapy and counseling as well.  We can help achieve more happiness and satisfaction.

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What Our Clients Say

gave me the amazing marriage I always wanted!!!

Linda Bryant,NY
Linda Bryant

The Best Coaches ever.

Emily Stewart,NY
Emily Stewart

Love them.

Liliana Brown, NY
Liliana Brown

Coaching Options

Clarks Coaching Menu & Pricing

After you book and complete your free 15-minute consultation with the Clarks they will recommend the best coaching package that they believe meets your needs.


Relationships Counseling

If you want to repair or strengthen your marriage or committed relationship the Clarks can help. Learn more

Pre-marital Counseling

If you are engaged and want to ensure the long-term success of your marriage the Clarks can help. Learn more

Dating Coaching

If you are tired of being single and want more success in love & dating the Clarks can help. Learn more

Life Coaching

If you would love to achieve more peace, happiness, and fulfillment in your life the Clarks can help you. Learn more

Public Speaking

The Clarks are two dynamic motivational speakers that you can hire for your next event. Learn more…

Spirituality Coaching

Are you ready to build and strengthen your spiritual connection? If so, the Clarks can help you.

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