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Why Coach?

Are you finally ready to have the quality of relationship that you deserve? If so, attempting to achieve this goal on your own could take you years. Marriage and relationship coaches like “The Amazing Clarks,” can help you achieve your goal much faster and easier than you can on your own. So why put the unnecessary pressure and stress on yourself if you don’t need to? Get expert help today!

Why Us?

Anthony & Melanie Clark “The Amazing Clarks have been madly in love for 25 years. They are award winning certified marriage and relationship coaches who work in tandem. They have 45 years of combined experience, a 98% success rate, and yes they guarantee immediate results & complete confidentiality. Enjoy a refreshing alternative to traditional marriage therapy. Contact the Clarks..  

What’s Next?

To get started click here to contact the Clarks via email and to set up a initial 15 minute discovery call which costs $25 dollar. The Clarks will assess your situation, give their recommendations and offer a coaching package that fits your needs and budget. If you decide to proceed you can coach live in person in Long Beach California or you can coach via phone or Skype. Get started today! 


Real Life Client Testimonial


Marc &Brittany Sabelli

The Amazing Clarks helped me recover from a breakup when I was single and then they helped me to attract my husband Marc. Since then they have helped us to keep our marriage on the right path. They are truly amazing!

Ellen Wood
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Jeff &Heather Gould

Anthony & Melanie Clark “The Amazing Clarks” taught me how to attract my incredible husband Jeff when I was single and feeling hopeless. We went to them for premarital counseling and they officiated our wedding. We love them!

George Leea
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Dion & Amy Mckintosh

When our 7 year marriage was on the brink the Amazing Clarks came in and saved us. They even helped us to get our business on point. Now we are happier and more in love than we’ve ever been. They are the real deal!!!


Anthony & Melanie Clark are award winning life coaches and a husband & wife duo that have been madly in love for 25 years. Their clients call them the Amazing Clarks because their extremely original, progressive, scientifically- and spiritually-integrated coaching model has transformed thousands of lives. They’ focus on real transformation, not the regurgitated fluff offered by a lot of relationship “experts”. They get to the emotional, mental, and energetic causes underlying their lack of success in love and life. They give tangible advice and whatever real-world assignments they feel will help you have the success you crave —and they have the client success to prove that their methods work. Learn more about the Amazing Clarks 


The Amazing Clarks self-taught methods have taken them from TV Shows like Dr. Drew to Radio and magazines. Whether it’s a Congressman, to a platinum recording artists, Basketball Hall of Famers, Gold medal Olympic winners, Fortune 500 CEO’s, high profile actors and actresses, everyone is seeking out this dynamic coaching duo.


Law of attraction coach Anthony & Melanie Clark have a 98% success rate. What’s their secret? The Law of attraction is the fastest, easiest and most guaranteed way to attract the success you want in love – life – business. Law of attraction coach, Anthony & Melanie Clark will teach you how to achieve your goals using the law of attraction. The Clarks are master life coach instructors and law of attraction experts. They are also founders of the Law of attraction Life Coach Academy in Long Beach Ca.



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