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Their clients call them “The Amazing Clarks” because they’ve empowered thousands of people to live truly amazing lives.
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Do you want less conflict and more romantic harmony inside of your marriage? Are you tired of being single and ready to finally attract your ideal mate? Do you want a stronger spiritual connection or more control over life? No matter what area of your life you want to improve… Anthony and Melanie Clarks can help you to do it much faster and easier than you can on your own. So stop denying yourself the happiness you deserve and contact the Amazing Clarks today and live your best life!


Who are the Amazing Clarks?

Anthony & Melanie Clark are both award winning certified Life, Love and Business Coaches who’ve been coaching together as a team for over 21 years. The Clarks are also a married couple that’ve been passionately in love for 27  years, and the parents of 3 children ages 18, 25 and 32. They reside in Long Beach CA – Anthony is originally from Brooklyn NY and Melanie is originally from Fresno CA. Their client’s call them “The Amazing Clarks” because they’ve empowered thousands of clients to live amazing lives.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a trained professional that uses therapy to help client’s overcome problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and relationship issues just like a psychotherapist, counselor or social worker. Life coaches are typically far more versatile than psychotherapist, counselors and social workers and can help client’s achieve a wider range of progressive goals like helping them attract love, developing a stronger spiritual connection, starting a new career,  improving employee relationships and much more/

Why should I hire the Clarks?

The Clarks have a  98% client success rate which is 60% higher than most therapist – and their clients get results up to 3 times faster on average. You’ll get 2 award winning coaches with 45 years of combined experience, and twice the value. The Clarks will give you both the male and female perspective which is invaluable. And if you are seeking marriage coaching, working with the Clarks makes more sense than hiring an unmarried or un happily married therapist. Why wouldn’t you hire the Amazing Clarks.

What award did the Clarks win?

In 2010 Dr. Drew Pinksy personally chose the best experts in their fields from around the world to be on his elite team of experts for his Life Changers television show. Out of millions of millions of psycho therapist, counselors, and life coaches he personally chose Anthony & Melanie Clark to be his “go to” life & relationship coaches and awarded them the official title of “Dr. Drew’s Life Changers.” The Clarks have been showcased on national TV over 40 times and have built a international following of loyal fans.

How do I get started with coaching?

If you there is an area of your life that you want to improve and you want to hire the Amazing Clarks contact them today. The Clarks offer individual, family, and group coaching. You can coach live in person in Long Beach CA, or you can coach via phone or Skype from any where around the world. To get started contact them to get a 15 minute discovery call for just $25. They offer a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your coaching results, and they guarantee complete confidentiality.


Real Testimonial

De, Frank Simoncini
Dr. Frank Simoncini

The Amazing Clarks are 100% truly Amazing. I’m one of those people that had everything I wanted yet I was still miserable. I hired the Clarks and my life made a 180 degree turn for the positive, and I was able to consciously create and manifest things that I never thought was possible. You won’t go wrong if you hire them, they are the absolute best!

Jodi Much
Jodi Much

Coaching with the Amazing Clarks was an enormous benefit to me. It was really cool to have both the male and female perspective; and also to experience both of their approaches. I felt by the end of my coaching that I had exactly what I needed to be able to accomplish what I wanted. And I immediately put it to the test and it worked perfectly!

Alexis Cartrer
Alexis Carter

I was single and I dreamed about finding love, getting married, and having children but I didn’t believe that it was possible. I decided to hire the Amazing Clarks. They immediately changed my mindset and guided me to my dream. Today I live in Arizona with my husband and two beautiful children thanks to them. I love you Amazing Clarks.


About The Clarks

Anthony & Melanie Clark are a husband & wife coaching duo and their client’s call them “The Amazing Clarks” because they empower you to live an amazing life

anthony3hdrAnthony & Melanie Clark have been in love 27 years, and have been a coaching duo for 20 years. They have a fresh, new revolutionary approach to life and relationship therapy. It is an extremely original, progressive, and scientifically integrated model that is literally changing the world. Their straightforward, non-traditional advice will leave you enlightened and inspired. They are spiritual, but not religious; straight, but not narrow and they have a success record that shows that they’re real. They focus on real transformation, and not regurgitated fluff. They get down to the emotional, mental, and the energetic causes underlying your lack of success in love and life. They give you tangible advice and whatever real-world assignments they feel will help you have the wins you crave — and the Amazing Clarks have the success to prove their methods works. Click here to read more about the Amazing Clarks bio…